Wednesday, November 25, 2015

PCP Blogger Curmudgeon Apparently Involved in Brief Road Rage Incident and Shooting in Florida Beach Town; No Injuries

New Smyrna Beach,FL [SATIRE] - Local law enforcement authorities attempted to contact representatives of the Political Clown Parade Blog Monday afternoon in order to vouch for a woman they had in custody claiming to be the founder and owner of that political commentary web site.  No contact was made until Wednesday because the woman, identified by the alias "Curmudgeon," had left 2 bloggers in charge of operations with access to the liquor storage cabinets, and it took several days for them to be able to answer questions coherently.

Curmudgeon was being held pending investigation of a road rage incident that happened near the center of the New Smyrna Beach community Monday morning. Police determined that she was heading to the beach with her dog "Sophie" when she was passed by a Ford SUV driven by a Florida man who took offense from her multiple Alabama Crimson Tide stickers and made an obscene gesture. This resulted in gunfire from Curmudgeon's vehicle that shattered all the glass in the Ford, destroying several Proud Florida Democrat and Florida Gators stickers, but otherwise caused no injuries.
After vouching for Curmudgeon and collecting a $96 littering fine, police released her Wednesday. Her actions were deemed justified under the Florida "Show Your SEC Pride" law, and both teams, Alabama and the Gators, are currently at the top of their respective divisions, which is required for that law to take effect.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Give us Your Tired, Poor Teeming Masses, No Huddle, Fourth and Long"

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"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
-Emma Lazarus, The New Colossus  

"We can't turn them away! That's not who we are!" Maybe we are, but even if so, I suspect that's not how we always were. But, before we move to make "The New Colossus" our 28th Amendment, let's parse it a bit and apply it to our present situation. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..." I think that's an important qualifier right there: "yearning to breathe free". People came to America, come to America, because it is a land of freedom and opportunity. People who love freedom and desire it for themselves and others should always be welcome here.

The irony of so many people quoting the Emma Lazarus poem, ensconced on a bronze plaque on Ellis Island, is that while most of our European immigrants came through Ellis Island, it was also a point to turn some away. If you were healthy and could support yourself, Step this way! Right over here! If you were too sick to work, you were invited to go back wherever you came from, regardless of race, creed or color. I guess that was 'who we were'?

I was reading in my dead tree paper the other day, an account of a man who was seven years old in 1939, on a ship of about 800 Jewish refugees, being turned away from Florida ports. Was FDR afraid of seven year olds, Mr. Obama? They were fleeing the advent of the Third Reich, and unbeknownst to them at the time, the gas chambers of concentration camps. FDR must not have thought "That's not who we are" at the time when he turned them away.

Do we want to emulate Mr. Roosevelt? I don't think so. It does give a little historic perspective: just because you are needy, even fleeing a war zone, does not entitle you automatic entrance into the US.  (This also includes our southern border) I don't think FDR feared the potential presence of a jihadist among the Jewish refugees. Nor do we want to emulate Bill Clinton, whose jack booted thugs grabbed little Elian Gonzalez at gunpoint to forcibly remove him back to Cuba.

Seems to me, there must be a path between the two extremes of let everybody in and let no one in. I do believe though, that as we did once on Ellis Island, we should try to vet those immigrants who are yearning to breathe free and would be a good fit in our country. Despite President Stompy Foot's assertion that "Republicans fear 3 year olds", there is a real concern that an influx of single males, of military age, could contain ISIS sleepers, or yet more malcontents like the Tsarnaev brothers of Boston Marathon bombing fame and their dear sweet mother!

Our immigration policy ought not to be a suicide pact. Obama beclowns himself when he tries to minimize the genuine concerns over letting potential terrorists into the heartland, by his use of ridicule and scorn. Care should be taken to screen those coming into the country, not just for terrorist ties, but for their ability to assimilate and to keep the American dream alive for yet another generation.

Good people can differ on exactly how they might accomplish that, though I suspect the answer lies somewhere between the two extremes.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Flowing Curds of Beauty

In the War of the Sexes, whey too much amoo is made of how men adore women for their feta-attraction beauty and their gouda conversation.  But a gal gets bleu without a guy to jack around with, too.  When it comes to being entertained by making the men around her feel like idiots, cheese simply gotta have it.

Flowing Curves Of Beauty

The closest I ever came to a menage-a-trois was when I dated a schizophrenic.

Russian PM Medvedev: ISIS Is Strong, and It's Your Fault, Barack

If actions speak louder than words, maybe the American public should get a hearing test, because Barack Obama's actions have begun to draw some serious accusations from around the world, and the public has been slow to acknowledge the gravity of it. The President has recently been blamed from several sides for no less than the very existence of ISIS, for its robustness, for actively protecting them and for importing them to the US.  This is unprecedented territory.

But it's not a conspiracy theory, and it's not much of a secret.  Just today, Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev openly accused Obama's administration of being directly - and uniquely - responsible for the rise of ISIS:  "The Islamic State has grown strong due to the irresponsible policy of the United States." This is hardly a new thought as evidenced herehere and here:
Also today, Politico reported on Obama in Malaysia blaming Republicans, and it expended a great deal of effort to reach out to the President and tell him he needs to change his strategy against ISIL/ISIS.
The Earl of Taint had an interesting one-paragraph summary of the President's Malaysia statement, entitled Obama Says Ignore ISIL and It Will Go Away:
[He] Vows to employ “every aspect of American power” to destroy the non-islamic “killers with good social media” that you needn’t worry about because they’re a fantastic nothingburger of importance standing on the wrong side of history and we have better ideas. Also being afraid that they might murder our children only encourages them to murder our children so let’s take a breath and remain true to the values we all hold dear, kiss the rattlesnakes on the lips and ignore the occasional setbacks.
Meanwhile, the entire country of Belgium is on lockdown, and its citizens are being told to "stay at home" because their safety cannot be guaranteed in the face of "concrete" threats. Obama's own State Department has warned Americans to stay away from the Vatican entirely because of the imminent threat of bombings. This is ignorable??? This is being blown out of proportion, Barack?
Here at home this weekend, national security expert Fred Fleitz called the administration's assurances about its Syrian immigration activities "outright false" and "lies." The Administration claims it is moving forward on its ambitious immigration plan for Syrian refugees out of compassion, but it is simultaneously engaged in action to deport specifically Christian refugees on several other fronts. Your words speak, but actions speak louder, Mr. President. What are you really trying to accomplish here? It doesn't seem to have much to do with America's security. Where I come from, there's a particular word for an official who ignores the safety of those he is sworn to protect and seeks only to benefit their enemies.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Who’s In Charge Here?

AAA Travel projects this holiday nearly 47 million Americans are expected to travel away from home over the long Thanksgiving weekend.  I will be among them.

In a time when aging veterans are told they cannot fly the flag under which they served or school children are told by their school board that there is no time in the day to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, upholding traditions like Thanksgiving may be at odds with our devotion to progressivism or secular self-interest.

If there is one day each year when food and family take center stage, it is Thanksgiving. It is a holiday about “going home” with all the emotional content those two words imply. 

The need to connect with loved ones and to express our gratitude is at the heart of Thanksgiving and a yearning for a simpler time.  Somewhere in the hustle and bustle is the abiding national memory of a moment in Plymouth, nearly 400 years ago, when two very different cultures shared an autumn feast.

While Sophie the Wonderdog and I are away enjoying all the trappings of a turkey day feast and a barrage of ball games on TV, this blog has been placed in the “capable” hands of Proof our resident humorist and newly added author, Grunt of Monte Cristo.

You can expect mischief and perhaps a little mayhem.  The keys to the liquor cabinet have been presented to Proof.  He continues to demand the keys to the good liquor, but that ain’t happenin’.

Proof always lets Jeremiah Puffchecks (the damn squirrel that torments me) in the house and the joint gets trashed to a fare-thee-well.  I can only imagine the wrecking ball that will go through Casa de Curmudgeon with the addition of Grunt and Mayflower the Turkey.  Oh well…as long as nobody gets hurt…

I'll be back in a week so until then...

May the good things of life
be yours in abundance
not only at Thanksgiving
but throughout the coming year.

Friday, November 20, 2015

I Don't See What The Problem Is

There is none so blind as he who will not see.

Islamic Scholar, Hillary Clinton, Demonstrates FGM at CFR to Prove that Muslims Are A-OK

Backstory here.

LSU Tigers Vs Ole Miss Rebels: SPECIAL EDITION

What is a dyed-in-the-wool Alabama fan doing touting a football game between the LSU Tigers and the Ole Miss Rebels?

My dear friend Diogenes has a broken heart following the death of her friend and former business partner Allen Toussaint.

Toussaint, the gentlemanly Rock and Roll Hall of Fame songwriter, producer, pianist and singer whose career spanned decades, passed away of a heart attack shortly after performing in Madrid, Spain.  He died doing what he lovedspreading the gift of New Orleans music around the globe.

As Diogenes prepared to say her final goodbye to her friend, she requested I post what she had intended put up at her place about her beloved Tigers.  It is my great honor to do that for her.
LSU @ Ole 'MissyWhat started out as a promising season for the young Tigers is all but lost after last week’s loss to Oliver Hardy and an Arkansas team with a fraction of the talent.  The attempt to confuse the Hogs with an unfamiliar split offense instead of dancing with the one that brung ya, did nothing but confuse them. I don't blame the players; their youth and expectations seem to have caught up to them. 
What was expected by everyone to be a successful 10-2 season for the Tigers became blown up in the sports media into a No. 2 ranking they were never worthy of.  Hopefully the Tigers can take a deep breath and get back to playing at the level they're capable of or they'll be playing the Fighting Nuns of St. Mary's in the “99 Cent Bowl” next month. 
Diogenes’ Prediction:  Tigers by 6 
Charleston Southern @ AlabamaAfter convincingly silencing those @#$& cow bells of Starkville last week, my advice to Nick Saban is just play the second string and save their energy for Auburn…Oh wait…the entire team is first string!  
Diogenes’ Prediction:  Bama by 45 
TCU @ OklahomaThis week TCU goes to Norman, Oklahoma to face the Sooners who laid waste to Baylor in their own house last week. This week the Froggys meet the same fate and become roadkill as the Sooners continue their march toward a chance at a playoff berth.  
Diogenes’ Prediction:  Here Comes Big Red - Sooners by 13 
LAST WEEK:  Once again I put the “Expert Sports Monkeys” in the weeds by correctly calling the upset of the overrated undefeated Baylor Bears at the hands of the Oklahoma Sooners last week and correctly called the Alabama/ Miss State game, but missed on the LSU/Arky game leaving me at 2-1 for the week.  
Diogenes’ Picks YTD - 19-5
Diogenes, we know the Good Lord will place His Hand upon your shoulder and give you comfort in the middle hour of your grief.  Stay strong, take care and know that we love you dearly.


If you’d like to say a few words to Diogenes, you can do so by visiting her tribute to the great Mr. Toussaint here.  I know she’d love to hear from you.


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